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JR Osaka & Kyoto line maps 2009/5/5 21:52
Osaka City

I'll be going to Japan this coming 22/May/09 and I'll be using JR Pass 7days for my journey. I had browsed through internet or JR official website still cannot get the complete and full JR Line Maps for Kyoto and Osaka.(I do have complete Tokyo JR line map)

This is important to me because my journey in Japan is 100% depend on JR Line

Your assist and help is highly appreciated.
Arigato! Thank you.

by Jack2934  

Google map 2009/5/6 12:40
Jack, the link to Kyoto is

JR are alternating black/white, shinkansen is green/white

other companies are grey or gray if you're from the US and alternating pink for subways if you zoom in

same deal in Osaka but Osaka is going to be a lot harder to get around if you exclude JR. Osaka is "other railway central"
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JR 2009/5/6 15:58
In Osaka I use JR line to go pretty much everywhere. It takes a wee bit longer some times, but I am on a holiday.. .There is a JR loop line in Osaka, as in Tokyo. Kyoto is a bit more of a problem and there I use the subway and buses, only using JR to go to Kobe, Nara, Arashiyama, Osaka etc. i.e to g outside Kyoto.
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JR Map of Kansai 2009/5/6 17:17
Here is JR Map of Osaka, Kyoto including Nara, Himeji, Kobe, Iga-Ueno(Ninja town) etc.
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Hakone 2009/5/6 21:09
Hi all,

Thanks for your assist and guidance. I do have another question to ask.

I'll be travel to Hakone from Osaka and I found out that I need to transit in Yokohama station then only to Hakone.

May I know does JR provide direct train from Osaka to Hakone?

Thank you.
by Jack2934 rate this post as useful

need to change at Odawara 2009/5/7 00:32

In order to go to Hakone from Osaka, Take Shinkansen to Odawara (one station before Shin-Yokohama) and Change to Odakyu/Hakone-tozan line (to Hakone-Yumoto, and onwards- terminal, Gora), otherwise take bus from Odawara sta.

It is easy enough although not direct.
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