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Clothing Question 2009/5/10 07:39
Is if acceptable for a female to wear a sleeve-less top while traveling in Japan. This is not a tank top, just a top without sleeves.
by Jean (guest)  

no problem? 2009/5/10 18:57
Yes, absolutely. There is no particular cultural taboo about showing the shoulders in Japan, and young women often wear tanktops/sleeveless tops. Even at shrines and temples this is fine. Make sure you always carry something light to put on though as the airconditioning can be strong.
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Anything goes.... 2009/5/11 02:22
You can dress as you like, just as you would do in any other free country.
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good one 2009/5/11 06:53
Its good to see someone sensitive to local customs. We were also curious about this issue as we have travelled elsewhere in Asia (Indonesia, Malaysia) where it was necessary to "cover up" when entering temples...however it was never mentioned in any Japan guide books. We did check with resident family though to be sure
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bra straps 2009/5/11 11:10
I had heard that bra straps should not be visible as they often are under sleeveless or tank tops.
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vulgar attire 2009/5/11 16:47
showing bra straps is considered vulgar in many Western countries too.. that why they sell strapless bras..Some smart ladies always make sure the uppermost garnment (tanktop ) has wider straps than the bra underneath or pin them together. Showing bras straps, a bare bit of flesh around the waist, and worse still showing the top of one's underwear above the pants is so incredibly vulgar. .
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Sure 2009/5/13 12:14
Sure, that should be fine, depending on how you feel. I'm in Japan at the moment, but I find that I often cover my shoulders. I usually get stared at quite a bit here in Nagoya as I'm a foriegner, but they tend to stare more if my shoulders are out there.

If you feel comfortable with that, that is fine.
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