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How do I bring a Airsoft gun in to US? 2009/5/11 11:57
I'm going to Japan this summer and going to spend $200-300 on a Tokyo Marui. How do I do this properly? I'll be flying from Osaka to LAX to Denver.Preferablely someone who has brought back an airsoft gun from Japan.
by Pepe (guest)  

Yes 2009/5/11 19:33
I believe you can see the answer here:

I also believe from my limited research then that some states have additional requirements like some orange tag on the tip that must be fitted?
Hope that helps
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. 2009/5/11 22:26
Package it, make sure it comes with the bright orange/red tip, and mail it to yourself EMS, fedex etc at your home address, insured. It's not illegal as long as it has that bright orange tip.

This way you don't get bothered at airport (checked luggage security) about something that looks like a weapon in your luggage.
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mine 2009/5/21 01:08
I did this before I put one in my checked bags and mailed one to myself and they where fine. Fact is they xray the bags anyways and can see its a toy the one I mailed tomyself a G3A3(tolong to fit into bag) I just marked as toy gun as for the tip just buy some orange paint and and paint it if you want they do come with red barrel plugs which seems to be fine.
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Orange tip 2009/5/21 08:00
Technically I'm pretty sure the orange tip is only required if you sell any toy guns in the U.S. As for owning a toy gun without the tip, its okay, just be aware of nervous police officers if you display it in public.

To get it back to the U.S. I would suggest mailing it SAL, or if sending several airsoft guns get a quote from a takkyubin service as they are sometimes cheaper than Japan Postal.
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