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Ok for bare feet for temple visits? 2009/5/12 12:12
Me and wife are travelling to kyoto will be visiting temples and maybe some onsen public baths.

I intend to be wearing sandals with no socks. But just wondering if I visit temple/onsen where I need to remove shoes, is there a custom where I need to be wearing socks. If yes, is there a particular type of socks, eg. white? thin? Cotton etc?

by ksthong  

socks not required 2009/5/12 13:12
You don't need to wear socks. If you wish to put on socks when you enter the shrine/temple, you can wear whatever kind of socks you like- white, black, pink, thin, thick, wool, cotton, anything.
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socks 2009/5/13 07:12
I agree with Sira. It is not necessary but personally I would recommend socks. You will be doing a lot of walking so comfortable shoes are important. Also Japan is hot in the summer so something to soak up sweat is good. Of course each person is different and you might have some wonderful saddles.
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