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Sumo questions? 2009/5/12 19:32
Today was my first trip to see Sumo and when one of the yokozuna's lost seats/pillows were thrown into the ring was this because of a bad performance? Is this common?

Just trying to get a better understanding of this sport, as I want to go again.

Thank you
by jim (guest)  

... 2009/5/13 06:29
Yes, when a yokozuna suffers a surprise defeat, it is common that spectators are throwing around their cushions, although it is discouraged by the sumo association.

Spectators seem to be especially thrilled to do it in case of a defeat by Asashoryu, because he is not very popular.
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Asa 2009/5/13 09:37
Well, I would disagree that Asashoryu is not popular. He is a controversial figure, sure, but the bashos that he is out for injury or suspension tend to have noticeably lower attendance than the bashos he does come to, which suggests that many people do come in part to see him.

Yokozuna generally win the majority of their bouts, so cushions are thrown if they lose- it doesn't actually happen that often.
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thank you 2009/5/13 15:01
Thanks for the answers
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wow 2009/5/18 16:00
Oh Sira : would I LOVE to go to a Sumo match with you..after watching Melbourne lose to the Bulldogs at the MCG on Sunday I wanted to throw more than cushions I can assure you....we never seem to be in Tokyo when there is a tournament, although we did see some Sumo walking around Ryogoku near the Tokyo Edo museum
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sumo in Tokyo 2009/5/19 16:38
Hi fmj, I hope you do have the chance to see sumo at the Kokugikan in Tokyo some time- it's fun. I used to go and watch at least once a tournament, but haven't been for a while now. Still following on TV though :-)
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