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Japanese theatre and other countries 2009/5/13 02:21
I have always been interested in Japanese theatre and was wondering, how does it affect other countries? Do other countries use Japans dance? Did Japan affect other countries at all? And if it did in what way?
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. 2009/5/13 08:37
Have you Googled? Can you nail it down a bit?
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Japanese theatre 2009/5/19 13:22
Japanese theatre has been mostly self-contained in Japan. Noh, Kabuki, and Bunraku make up Japanese traditional theatre. People in other countries may be able to recognize Japanese theatre, but depending on their knowledge of Japanese theatre, they probably can't specify which one. As Japanese culture spreads more throughout the world in mediums such as animation and movies, the look may be imitated. For example, some theatrical productions might mimic the makeup of kabuki. As for direct influence, I don't think Japanese theatre has influenced much of the world's theatrical stage. I'd say the biggest influences in theatre come from Europe.
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theatre 2009/5/20 20:26
A few current Kabuki stars have gone to Europe and the USA and have given sold out performances. Butoh is also well known and there are regular performances in Europe and the USA.
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