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Appropriate night club attire? 2009/5/13 06:33
I'll be visiting Japan in a few weeks and interested in partaking in some of the night life... question... what is appropriate/current attire for popular nightclubs?
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hrms 2009/5/13 08:46
i think it really depends when i went to club 911 they had somewhat of a dress code but they said as long as i sip up my jacket it was good? but i dont recommend that club anyways i did go to Gaspanic alot...thursday is 500 yen any drink...but other days and are 1000yen for beer and mix drinks...i advise that you do bring alot of money...oh and also just ignore the black guys telling you to go to their clubs....its a total rip off...they say that there is gonna be topless girls and all you can drink for 4/5000 yen for 90min all that crap just to get you inside then you have to buy the girls that come talk to you a drink for 3000yen i mean...damn...i was so piss...that whenever they come and tell me this and that about their clubs i just told them to F* off...well so in other words i guess you can wear whatever to the club...sorry i got off the subject but i just got back from japan...if you need anyother advice just ask me...i was there did just about everything i wanted to to....
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...depends 2009/5/13 08:49
It depends on the night club.

Most of the larger clubs have websites with photo albums of their events and listings of nights they are open and events they are hosting. My best advice is to look up clubs you may want to visit and see what the vibe is and what people are wearing there.

If there is a cover charge, and there usually is, most clubs will allow you to wear anything you like -- as long as they can get your money. Restrictive dress codes are relatively rare.

Popular underground college spots and smaller clubs have a pretty varied bunch of regulars and a wide range of casual styles show up on most nights. I would avoid showing up looking like a bum in tshirt and ratty jeans ~ but a nice casual outfit would work. The same goes for small music bars, one-room foreign dance clubs, etc

Theme clubs and clubs with a more dramatic clientele will likely not restrict entrance on the basis of dress, but the people there will be bothered and perhaps snobbish to you if you seem out of place. Dress goth for goth clubs, hip hop for hip hop clubs, industrial for industrial clubs, techno for techno clubs, etc. Be prepared to be outdone... club kids in Japan are quite serious about their costumes (and their egos sometimes match). The better you look and the more you seem to fit in, the more welcomed you will likely find yourself by club regulars.

Some clubs are very exclusive and will restrict entrance to
"members only". You will not be allowed into these clubs reguardless of dress.
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