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Model photography? 2009/5/13 06:42
I am a semi-pro photographer and I have done a number of model shoots with models here in the U.S.

I am traveling to Japan in a few weeks and am interested in arranging some model shoots while I am there, to take advantage of some of the wonderful costumes/styles of Japan.

I read somewhere that there are studios where one can select/pre-arrange models for the shoot... and the rental time includes both the use of the studio and the models time. But now I cannot seem to find this anymore.

Any suggestions/leads/links?
by Teban S (guest)  

Models 2009/5/13 11:25
The only studios I have heard about that do what you are looking for are not the sort that do a *Japanese* flavor and are not open to foreigners (legal issues).
I don't think this is the style you are looking for though if you get what I mean.
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. 2009/5/13 22:27
Ecchi desu.
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try cos-players on their "events" 2009/5/14 16:32
like on 16 Sat. May, we have an event on Kyoto Manga Kokusai MUseum.
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