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When exchanging money, what to bring? 2009/5/13 22:13
I understand where to exchange money at for the best rates.

What I don't understand is should I bring Cash, Traveler's Checks or International Postal Money Orders?

I think I'd prefer to bring cash, around 2k, but what denominations do they prefer? 100s? 500?
by JLee (guest)  

money 2009/5/14 08:54
Cash is always easier to exchange. You might get a slightly better rate for TCs, but it will take longer. Don't bother with money orders.

Denominations of what currency? Euros? New Zealand dollars? We don't know which country you are in.

Anything is fine- this is a modern. developed country, they are not going to get annoyed with you for bringing 50s instead of 100s (of whatever currency it might be), they will still change it for you.
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Isnt 2009/5/14 09:39
Visa for example a widely accepted card in most countrys? You could draw cash anywhere with it..
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cash society in Japan 2009/5/14 12:46
Well, that's not really true. In Japan you can't use overseas cards at most ATMs, only a few specific ones. In Japan it is better to bring at least part of your funds in cash.
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