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First Birthday 2009/5/14 22:39
This might be a very silly question, please forgive my ignorance. In Japan for a baby's birthday after being alive for 365 days - would you call this a first birthday? Would the baby be considered 1 year old, (Age 1)? Thanks in advance.
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Yes 2009/5/15 09:12
Yes, this would be the child's first birthday. I think in Korea it is not counted as the first, but I'm not sure.
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Thank you 2009/5/16 06:58
Thank you for your thoughtful reply.
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one year old 2009/5/16 08:09
The Japanese count their age in the same way as people in western countries do. I believe in China they traditionally added a year in order to include the time spent in the womb, but that is not the case in Japan now, although possibly it was in the past.
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two ways of counting 2009/5/16 14:45
In Japan, practically, a baby will be "one year old" on the 365th day after birth.

But traditionally a baby is "one year old" upon birth and will be "two years old" on the next _New Years Day_ after birth.

So for example, when looking into the traditonal calender for fortune-telling, or recieving special blessings at shrines, or participating in traditional events, we count our ages in the traditional way.

However, when celebrating birthdays (the day you were born) or consulting to a medical doctor or registering official documents, we count our ages in the same way they do in France or the U.S.
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Thank you again 2009/5/16 22:52
I appreciate all the help. I was just sending a birthday card to a friend for her baby's first birthday and I wanted to select the right one! You all really helped out!!
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