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Cannot Take Photos Of? 2009/5/15 23:43
just wondering if there's anything i can't take photos of in japan? for eg. anything inside temples or at certain museums etc? even any stores anyone knows of? i want to be prepared just in case, since i'm going to be taking a lot of photos of anything and everything and would like to know if there are restrictions on some things. if you guys could tell me of any places from experience that would be great too. thanks.
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Re: Cannot Take Photos Of? 2009/5/16 16:30
Temples, shrines, the Tsukiji fish market, museums, etc. always clearly indicate when photography or flash photography is not allowed. You'll find a sign with a camera or a flash crossed out. I would urge you to follow the rules.

If you want to like to photograph people, a master preparing sushi in a restaurant, for example, ask first and don't use flash :-) Usually they tell you that you can take 2 or 3 shots. There has been some reports of tourists getting crazy photographing maiko and geisha in Kyoto. Geisha are of course a fantastic photo opportunity, but it should not be intrusive. Finally, I would refrain from taking photos of children, but I guess that applies to almost everywhere.
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. 2009/5/17 16:55
Like many places there are usually signs and indications that say no photography (usually a big red sign with a camera in the middle and a cross line going through it, so it should be universally understood).

Many stores have no photography rules inside them as well. Just look for signs and of course use some common sense when using flash etc.
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:) 2009/5/17 19:15
thanks heaps guys, i really appreciate your answers! i'll make sure to turn my flash off if i ever come across a geisha :)
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