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Manga > Neko Mokoro 2009/5/16 03:04
Hi, I'm looking into buying my first completely-in-Japanese manga. This is simply to see how much I can understand after two years of evening classes.

I've seen one intriguing manga called 'Neko Mokoro' and I can't seem to translate mokoro. This is just one part of my enquiry :)

Has anyone read the manga? If yes, can you give me your opinion on it please?

Also, can anyone recommend a manga that uses furigana? I'm not very confident reading kanji :(

Thanks ^^
by Original Brian (guest)  

Adachi! 2009/5/16 16:44
I would recommend one of the Short Program collections by Adachi Mitsuru, you should be able to find these and they are all self contained short stories, not too much slang and all kanji have furigana: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Short_Program
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