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Popular Souvenirs from Tokyo 2009/5/16 12:25
Tokyo 23-ku
I'm wondering what souvenirs are popular to bring back loved ones and how much should I expect to pay on those items?
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Omamori! 2009/5/17 02:47
I always stop at a shrine to grab a few omamori for friends. They're special, and inexpensive. I normally see them for 300-1000 yen. People that I have gotten them for seem to like them very much!
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many, many different souveneirs 2009/5/17 04:53
Just returned from Tokyo with a tons of souvenirs that spanned the range from "traditional" to more out there stuff.

If you're looking for the traditional looking stuff (I hesitate to say authentic) like fans, paper umbrellas, yukata, swords, I found Nakamise-dori is Asakusa really useful. Tons of people and stalls and prices run the gamut for cheap trinkets to expensive keepsakes.

Also in Asakusa is Kappabashi-dori, which is a restaurant supply street. Here you can find Japanese knives, plates and ceramics and even really tasty looking plastic food (which is not cheap at all) that you'll see in lots of restaurant windows.

And if you want to do the Japanese thing, you can bring back lots of sweets and food as souvenirs, boxed and gift wrapped. Considering customs, you can look for cookies and cakes and confections in the basement of the large department stores. There you can probably also find bottles of sake, shochu, etc.

Happy hunting.
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.... 2009/5/18 15:51
For purely souvenir purposes, and being mindful of things that were not weighty and easy to carry home, we found pens with woodblock print barrels (900Y for a pack of 6) and origami bookmarks (an AMAZING amount of work..they are great) which were in packs of 2 for 250yen: these were the 2 most commented upon trinkets, and available at temples and even the airport shop. All the usual stuff previously mentioned of course as well. In Nakisme dori we also bought" pearl" "geisha" hairpins for not a lot,(1000yen for a pack of 10 from memory) and also packs of beautiful paper (washi). Drop into an everyday stationary shop and check out the cards.....fabulous ranges, intrinsically Japanese, and not expensive. Also, the iconic Itoya in Ginza (hardly your everyday stationary shop, I admit) has a huge array of stationary products: check out the folding cards on the left as you walk in.
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