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Gift suggestions for J-tutor 2009/5/20 02:50
I am fortunate enough to have a tutor for a Japanese class I'm in (she teaches a Japanese class for HS) - not the class sensei. Somehow to add to my fortune, no one else in the class has shown up for any of the tutoring; so I've been the only one attending. She doesn't get paid to do this and all these sessions have been volunteered.

Now my question is: what is an appropriate professional gift to get for my personal tutor? I was figuring on something small at the mid point and then a gift on the last session to express my gratitude. She has spent the last 5 years in the US and grewup and went to college in/around the Tokyo suburbs.

I would appreciate suggestions/recommendations.

Domo Arigato Gozaimasu!

by NorioS  

simple 2009/5/20 10:22
well if she a midlle age woman, something simple
a Book, or pens,
NO flowers or candy OR a card
you dont wanna give her the wrong ideal. a Cook Book will be good also
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Arigato 2009/5/20 21:56
Oh no, don't want to step anywhere near that boundary (flowers or candy). I didn't realize a thank you card would also be over the line though.

Thanks much for your input.
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Really?? 2009/5/20 22:08
As a Japanese who have lived in the US and UK for some years, I think that a thank-you card would be completely OK for expressing gratitude :)

Rather than looking for rather stereotyped things, it would be nicer if, during your course of study under her, you *happen to* find out some of her interests (I'm not saying you should *probe* for her interests), then you can get her something along her interests - be it travel, cooking, etc.
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Thanks again 2009/5/20 22:29
She did mention she missed the libraries in Japan immensely. I figured I would give a thank you card and a gift certificate to a Japanese mall here in the Chicago land area so she can buy a book there.

Thanks everyone for your input. It is very much appreciated.
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