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Floral class in English 2009/5/21 01:59
I'm from overseas and really want to go to Tokyo to take some floral / flower arranging classes in Tokyo. I do not speak Japanese though and am wondering whether there is anything in English. Or which are the more well established floral schools. I do not wish to learn Ikebana but the Japanese interpretation of Western flowers or preserved flowers.
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. 2009/5/22 00:40
Western style isn't any different in Japan. Learn Ikibana.
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English floral lessons in Tokyo 2009/5/22 00:55
I'm not interested in Ikebana because I like using lots of different flowers in one piece. I've been taking classes in London and Paris and want to take some classes in Tokyo. Reason being I want to travel and take floral classes. Plus Tokyo is one of the cities that really love flowers and a good place to advance floral skills.
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... 2009/5/22 09:12
I imagine that it would be difficult to find western flower arrangement/preserved flower classes in English in Japan , because those classes are on western forms of art, so the students are likely to be Japanese who are interested in those imported art forms :)

On a side note, are you aware that Ikebana has different "schools" with quite different styles? There is the traditional type, and also there are others (at least one) that is very liberal with the choices of flowers to use in a piece and their styling; if you like flowers in general, you might just want to have a look to see how you might like it too :)
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.. 2009/5/22 16:44

Tk u for ur response, dat's really helpful. I will certainly look into Ikebana class. In which case, can u recommend anywhere? Ideally, I would like to take full day classes for 4-5 consecutive days.

I don't really mind even if the instructor doesn't speak English as I think I can just watch and follow. But there are so many schools I really don't know which one is more established.
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... 2009/5/23 14:25
As far as I know (when I said "schools," I meant schools of styles), Ikenobo is the real traditional school, and Sougetsu is more liberal, at times quite adventuous style I really like going to Sougetsu exhibitions.

They have Sougetsu Hall (their headquarters so to say) in Akasaka, in central Tokyo, and they seem to hold actually lessons for English speakers there. Other classes are regular course that you attend over 3 months, etc., but they seem to have sessions where you can just visit.

There is an e-mail address on this page; please inquire if interested.

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Preserved flowers and floral supplies 2009/5/24 22:03
Thank u very much for the info, I will certainly look into it.

Another question is where can I buy preserved flowers and other floral sundries in Tokyo? I intend to ship a box back, is there a cheap shipping company?
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... 2009/5/25 20:38

Yuzawaya is a well-known art & craft shop, and they do seem to have extensive flower art supplies too.
Their Kamata store seems to stock the most extensive range of products. It's located near the south exit of JR Kamata station, a short ride from Shinagawa on JR Keihin-tohoku line.

I can't think of any other craft shop right now - any major flower shops (you can ask those in hotels or major department stores) in town will have preserved flowers though.

For shipping, I don't know how big/much of stuff you are thinking of, but you can always ask at the post office :)
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. 2009/5/30 14:19
Tk u so much, AK.

I also found 2 websites that look like they sell a lot of floral supplies. I am wondering whether they are online shop only or are there retail shops:



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... 2009/5/30 14:36
The first one, Florever, has a gallery/shop in Nihonbashi in Tokyo. Closed on Sun., Mon., and national holidays. (Three-minutes' walk from A1 exit of Tokyo Metro Mitsukoshi-mae station. Click on "Access Map" at the bottom of the page.)

The second one seems to be online shop only, though they have a flower shop in Tokyo (only for fresh flowers).
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Any classes in Kawasaki/Yokohama? 2009/7/5 23:17
Hi, does anyone know of any Ikebana classes being run in Kawasaki/Yokohama area? Thanks...
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Flower lessons in English 2009/7/12 08:37
Hello Bbpink,

There is a woman in Tokyo running preserved flower lessons out of her house in Tokyo. She also knows ikebana. She speaks English... lived in Australia for a few years. She knows what she's doing.
I don't know if I'm allowed to post her url here. The site's name is Satonohana dot jp. Site is in Japanese, but whe will understand an English email with no problem.
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