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Baldness and Japanese attitudes? 2009/5/21 09:12
I am moving to Japan soon and I'm curious as to what the attitude Japanese culture has towards baldness. More precisely, I have shaved my head using a clipper without any grade whatsoever so it is very tight to the head. I am not fully bald but did begin to have a balding crown and quite a large receeding hairline - so I wanted to combat it this way.

So, essentially, is having a buzz cut/skinhead(not the culture) considered ok in Japan like it is in the West?
by John (guest)  

... 2009/5/21 10:27
I have had a similar haircut in Japan. If you are asian people may assume you are a buddist monk or a high school baseball player if you look young. If you are not asian, then I don't think people give it much thought.
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no problem 2009/5/21 16:33

The most popular Japanese teacher at my son's public junior high school in Japan had the same haircut as you. He told me he used to have wavy hair below his shoulders like his favorite guitarist Richie Blackmore, but he started to get bald.
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. 2009/5/22 00:23
Just grow a topknot like a samurai and you will look cool.
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