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tokyo toy stores 2004/6/17 14:13
Besides Mandarake, does any know of any good toy/hobby/comic shops in tokyo? I am going to stay around tokyo station.
by baka gaijin  

Akihabara 2004/6/18 06:41
Akihabara is the mecca for anime fans. It's two stops north of Tokyo station on the JR Yamanote Line. The Laox Hobbykan might fit your requirements, and is close to the station.
For toys, try Kiddyland in Harajuku.
by Dave in Saitama rate this post as useful

toys 2004/6/18 07:49
All of what Dave said, plus there is a toy store at Ueno, just about underneath the big railway bridge south of Ueno station. It's not on the Ameyoko market side(west side) but the other side of the tracks(east side).
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And... 2004/6/18 23:04
You could also try Asobit in Akihabara and the toy/model shops on the top floor of the building that faces you when you take the left Electric town exit from Akihabara station. Ikebukuro also has some good shops that might fit the bill, like Parco Post Hobby and Animate.
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AsobitCity 2004/6/19 07:41
AsobitCity in Akihabara was a good place, but unfortunately it closed down earlier this year.
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actually... 2004/6/19 09:01
AsoBit City is *still* open, but down the street in a smaller version and in a much shoddier building.

What about Kiddieland in Harajuku? That's where all the celebs shop when they come to Tokyo!
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Laox Asobitcity 2004/6/19 16:55
You're right too... :-)
It is only 2 months since I was last in Akihabara, but I see that there are now *four* Laox stores that have been renamed "Asobitcity" since the original Asobitcity store closed down. They all seem to carry hobby-related and anime-related items to varying degrees, and are all within an easy walk from the station.
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is there a 2004/6/20 00:31
Toys r us in Tokyo?
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Toys R Us 2004/6/21 07:21
There are lots of Toys R Us stores in Japan, but I find Japanese toy stores more interesting.....
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Toys R them 2004/6/24 01:15
Try the bottom floor of the Sunshine 60 building in Ikebukuro, and have a frozen yogurt thing while you're at it.
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Transformers? 2004/9/11 08:27
Does anyone know where they sell transformers in tokyo? I assume Toys R us, but there might be better stores around.
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akihabara 2004/10/23 13:59
For vintage Transformers,check a shop in the mainstreet of Akihabara,I've seen loads of em there
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Models 2004/10/26 01:09
Where can i get war models like tanks and planes in tokyo? Thanks
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nice one 2004/11/5 15:37
hi guys,
i will be in tokyo eralier december 2004, and this topic just so cool, as my intrest for hobby shop in tokyo
and anyone know where is the exactly address of yellowsubmarine hobby store in Tokyo ?, i just browsed their website and cant find their address

thks guys
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also looking for toy stores 2004/12/16 21:27
hi. i too need to find a toy store. i need one that sells pride action figures of sakuraba, rickson gracie, fujita, etc.. also i need one that carries initial d diecast models. can anyone help me out? my brother's in tokyo right now and i need to tell him where to get those for me. thanks!
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Fan Spot at Tokyo Dome 2004/12/16 22:13
for the Sakuraba figure. there might be Fujita's one as well.

You can find the Fujita's figure at To_kon Shop near Aakasaka St. on Chiyoda line.

Address: 3-12-5, Akasaka, Minato-ku
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Toy Stores in Sapporo 2005/1/6 22:15
Does anyone know of toy stores in Sapporo that sell vintage chogokin toys? I'm visiting in February and would love to find some of the old die cast robots or diaclones.
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Video games still popular? 2005/1/7 07:04
Hi, Im going to japan/Tokyo Feb 2005 and would like to know where to buy video games and consoles in or near tokyo? im looking for sony psp and nintendo ds plus some unusual classic stuff help please :)

One more thing, is it true that the video games market is dying a bit in japan?
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Try Akihabara for games. 2005/1/7 07:17
just walk down the main street through Akihabara and there should be several dozen game stores. Keep an eye out for the several small used game stores, they're ususally cheaper and most of the time the stuff they sell is new, but just overstocked in other stores
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Estena 2005/1/21 02:47
Absolutely the best toy store in Tokyo is Yamashiroya in Ueno. Forget about Toy's R Us. Also great is Kiddy Land in Harajuku.
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