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One way ticket to Japan? questions! 2009/5/22 19:17
Hello everybody!

I have a problem. I'm Polish woman and I married a Japanese man. I sent to him my documents and he had submit that in City Office in hometown (Saitama-ken). We are alreaddy after marriage procedure in Japan.

I need to register our marriage in Poland and submit some aplication for my visa in Imigration Office.

My question:
Can I go to Japan by one way ticket in this situation? I don't need to buy return ticket?
If I have marriage cetrificate I think there is no problem i can change my visa status when I'm in Japan. And I need to go to Japan to finish some procedures.

what do you think about it?

thank you for answer ^^
by Aki chan PL  

... 2009/5/23 09:44
If you enter still as temporary visitor, you will need a round trip ticket, otherwise, the airport staff in Poland might not let you check in easily.

Note also that round trip tickets are often cheaper than one way tickets! And you can then simply discard the return flight.
by Uji rate this post as useful

but... 2009/5/23 18:06
but many people from Poland said they have only one way ticke and there is no problem
by Aki chan PL rate this post as useful

According to my knowledge... 2009/5/24 06:42
If you are Polish and intend to travel to Japan on a tourist visa, the check-in staff at the airport in Poland is required to make sure that you have proper documents, which includes a return ticket. I believe that the Japanese government is pressing for these checks. Furthermore, airlines do not want to be held responsible for shipping back people who were refused entry by Japanese immigration.

In praxis, however, I believe that depending on the airline and person, they might make you major problems or they might just let you through after hearing your explanation.

Are one way tickets for international flights cheaper than round trip tickets in Poland?
by Uji rate this post as useful

hmm 2009/5/24 10:19
Is there a Japanese embassy/consulate there? I would ask them.

You know, just to make sure... no one wants to give the wrong information...
by Reina Jess rate this post as useful

... 2009/5/25 03:34
My advice for You is to buy return ticket. It will be much cheaper than one way. When the return ticket is about 3.000zl one way is about 7.000zl (polish currency).
by nfs rate this post as useful

m 2009/5/25 05:35
no no.
we can buy in Poland one way ticket from 1200-1700 Polish Zloty
Return ticket from 3000 zloty
Finnair and Austrian Airline are very cheap now
by Aki chan PL rate this post as useful

... 2009/5/25 23:42
Can You please show me what date and airlines one way ticket is for loss than 2000zl. Maybe If it is possible I would like to buy it. I go to Japan in September.
by nfs rate this post as useful

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