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how to become a manga-ka without .. 2004/6/17 15:34
How to become a manga-ka without knowing japanese?
I ask this question because i really really really want to become a manga-ka!!!
It's my dream, my passion and my life!!!!
by marcus  

. 2004/6/18 04:10
There are lots of manga made outside Japan. Hong Kong for example (English-speaking). French-speaking manga is now quite everywhere in France and French-speaking countries. 15 years ago, manga was made in Japan, in Japanese, but these lase decade, it is finished. You can try to find these publishers to contact with them.
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. 2004/6/18 13:09
15 years ago, manga was made in Japan, in Japanese, but these lase decade, it is finished.

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Mangaka 2004/6/18 15:53
In some recent newspaper articles I read that a lot of the anime industry has moved outside of Japan. It didn't mention anything about the mangaka's and their assistants, but since drawing manga requires less people, I can imagine that there are still lots of manga studios in Japan.

If you want to become a mangaka, normaly you get to start as an assitant at a studio inking and drawing backgrounds and later you grow to more important jobs. Since you don't speak Japanese, a Japanese studio will be difficult, there are many young Japanese with the same dream and passion. Maybe it would be best to find a studio in the country where you live. Continue to work on your art and, especially, your story and story telling if you want to sell a manga to a publisher.
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Re: Mangaka 2004/6/19 03:44
Additional: there are manga competitions from time to time and it could really help you to get started if you enter.
I have no idea when and where to find the next competition, unfortunately.
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I KNOW! I KNOW! 2004/6/19 05:45
K, go to www.tokyopop.com and then click on news, then the riseing stars of manga contest. Good luck!
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.. 2004/6/19 20:21
Raistlin, the contest is for the residence of united state only!!!
I want to know if there is any contest for everyone!!
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it really depends 2004/7/12 08:25
if you want to be a mangaka in your country then sure, go for it, as long as you have the talent for both story writing and drawing using expensive tools for eprfection that you must earn before even thinking about publishing.

If you actually wanted to become on in Japan without knowing the language then you'd have to be an excellent artist, better than the rest, so that they would get money in return for translating your writing.

It's really not a good idea though, why should Japanese people pay more money to get the same or worse quility? But if you want to be a fake 'mangaka' (using the word fake because its not manga because its not from Japan, many people dont realize that the style foreigners refer to as manga is not the only true manga style) then you certainly have chances of becoming one for a country speaks the same language as you
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manga contest 2004/7/15 22:55
There's a manga contest every year its called manga talent (2005) every can join it. At least I think I couln't find if it's only for Germany.

I'm from holland you know and we don't have a lot manga readers, not mentioning manga books. My plan is to study other langues and go work in other countries. Or maybe you could just start as manga-ka by yourself and let it published in big stores. just try it. :)
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contest 2004/7/15 22:57
i forgot to tell you this:
you can find the rules in english if you click on the picture
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contest 2004/8/24 08:33
I too am interested in becoming a 'fake'manga-ka. Running with the problem of basically losing rights to your own material if you submit to contests etc. Need lawyers/agents to protect your 'work'. check out:


my two cents..
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Fake? 2004/10/3 00:35
This is not true. Chery is playing word games. Manga can be created by anyone anywhere, anytime. Manga is not a "style" of comic, it is a school. It is not restricted to a single country, but rather to a particular way of telling a story visually. Just because you are not Japanese, that doesn't mean you can't draw manga. Manga is a school, a way, a philosophy. It is a method of conveying ideas. It is a medium, just as comics are a medium. It can be read and drawn by anyone who can understand its true heart, its true core of being. The test is not wether or not you are Japanese. It is not necessarily whether or not you understand Japanese. It is whether or not you understand manga. The color of your skin and the place in which you are raised have very little impact on whether or not you can draw manga. Ultimately, it is up to the artist.
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Ambition is key.. 2004/10/13 05:24
The key is not to be lazy, and make sure that manga is ultimately in the end something that you want to do for the rest of your natural born life.
Manga doesn't belong to anyone, if that were the case, one would argue that it belongs to America or even the greeks for that matter.
Manga is translated "random" "picture"..
Not japanese comics.
Any case because that made me angry, more to important things, the japanese are willing to have foreign talent.
(speaking from a guy whose had interviews and spoke to companies over the phone several times)
But you have to want it more than anything, and willing to throw away tommorow to practice to perfect your abilities so that no snob could get in your face.
Well, i hope that helped some..
good luck, and LEARN JAPANESE!
If you had to pay the government for permission for a foreingner to work for you, you would make damn sure they knew how to speak your language right?
Take all the steps and I'll see you at the top.
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To be a Mangaka 2004/10/29 19:13
I'm from the Netherlands
To be a mangaka is my biggest dream.

I think to become a mangaka is to draw lots of manga sketch and compete in manga drawing contests (www.aniway.nl)

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france is harsh =_= 2004/11/7 03:31
Being a manga-ka is (like yeh) my passion, and I'm trying my best to learn Japanese, though it might not be necessary, I love it so it is one of my fav. hobbies. To reach my goal, I'm just doing lots of drawings and practicing japanese, I'm also searching different poeple who are also attached to magnas or japan to talk to. It's really great actually. The last few years I was downright bad at drawing magnas, but what helped my drawing skills is the fact that my two best friends were WAY better than me. So now, even if I moved to France, we're still in contact and I'm still improving day by day my drawing skills. I know this isn't very helpful ^^;; but what I mean is, what really helped me for my future (or so I hope) mangaka career is jealousy.
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Cold Water 2004/11/7 04:49
Sorry to say, but Japanese publishers aren't going to hire you as a manga-ka if you're not Japanese. The laws regrading hiring forigners in Japan are very strict. Since there's no shortage of Japanese trying to get into the manga biz hiring someone non-Japanese simply isn't worth the trouble for publishers. Especially if they don't even speak Japanese.

Your best bet is simply to try and break into the comic biz in your home nation.
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You can to become a manga-ka 2004/11/11 04:41
You can become a manga-ka no matter what race you r i learned how to speak and write in japanese and i currently live in Toyko Japan and currently working with a manga-ka i have been Waste Yuu or Yuu Waste assistant and im Africa American so don't speak if u don't know bro.
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chocobos are cute by the way 2004/11/24 23:09
so THERE!!!!!!!
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CHLOE is SOH right! 2004/12/30 03:17
i'm the only one i've used to know who draws mangas but this year in my class, there's a girl who's really good at it, and um i must say ...i'm *pretty* good at drawing mangas too^^;;; lol
but anyways, in one day my drawings actually got better (i swear!only one day..and it continues!) and all that because of jealousy!though i actually can't see why i'm jealous...her drawings are so digimon-y o_O
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im the next mangaka 2005/1/22 14:14
yo dudes i need help to get the manga right im fourteen and i draw good i gues my stlye is like a split between dbz/hayoa miyazaki art/naruto/bleach all mixed together to make a great art explosion i wish i can creat manga way beter
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