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Myers-Briggs: Any popularity in Japan? 2009/5/23 16:11
Does anyone know or has used Myers-Briggs in Japan? Basically Myers-Briggs is a relationship analyzer because using certain tests or studies people can determine their personality using 4 letters that mean different things. In the US and definitely in the Army I have seen it grow in popularity with even books of people who study personality-based relationship statistics.

Has it been used in Japan or have any popularity or familiarity there?
by Brio  

Myers Briggs 2009/5/24 06:56

I never discussed Myers/Briggs with the Japanese people I knew but they all gave Blood Type a lot of credibility as a predictor of personality type. Even the people who said, 'no, we don't really think it's true' would laugh and describe all the attributes of the different types.
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. 2009/5/24 11:21
I easily found lots of Japanese info by Googling the keywords; Myers-Briggs 日本語. Here's a Japanese translation of the test.

Maybe I'd done it before. I forgot. I don't think you can say that it's really "popular" here, though.
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