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US Customs/TSA Limits on liquids 2009/5/24 09:05
I'm hoping to bring home some sake and different japaense drinks I'm wondering anyone knows about the US Customs and TSA limits on liquids..
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... 2009/5/24 21:16
The website of US Customs and Border Protection has detailed information:
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brining sake back 2009/5/25 04:55

I just got back to the states from Japan with a several bottles of sake in my checked baggage without any issue. Bascially, when I filled out the customs declaration coming back, I ended up putting the total cost of the sake and souvenirs. No issue with customs at all. But the one thing to keep in mind is that technically the duty exemption is for 1 L of sake or alcohol. It means that while you can bring in more than 1 liter, but if they find it, they can tax you on the price of the excess liquor.

The biggest hurdle with liquids is TSA regulations. Basically, just wrap up all liquids and put them in your checked baggage and all will be well.

If you buy any liquids after the security check at a Japanese airport (i.e. duty free shops, kiosks), you can carry those liquids on the international flight back to the US, but if you are transferring flights in the US (i.e. I had to transfer at San Francisco to a domestic flight), any liquids on you, regardless of where it was bought, must be placed back into checked luggage. Luckily, you pick up your luggage before you head to immigration and customs gates, so you can stuff your new beverages into your bags and re-check them. By no means forget this, as you end up being screened again at security even if you have a domestic flight transfer, and they will take away any liquids they find.
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do you?? 2009/5/25 09:08
you pick up your luggage before you head to immigration and customs gates,
In general don't you collect luggage at AFTER immigration but BEFORE customs: we did in LAX: immigration officials also look at customs declaration forms
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watch out 2009/5/25 10:17
just be careful how much sake you buy, coz your suitcase will get heavy fast with just a couple of bottles. Be sure you don't go over the weight limit, coz just a couple of pounds over with cost you $30 minimun. (most of the time more depending on the airline)
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70lbs/32kgs max for each bag , no fee! 2009/5/25 21:35
If the airlines belongs to, or follows IATA rules then the weight limit is 70lbs/32kgs per each check-in baggage on all international flights. On most U.S. Domestic flights the airlines will allow the same weights and rules as long you are to, or had traveled on a international flight. It may be best to inform the airlines staff the you flew on a international flight if they are charging the fees for a U.S. Domestic flight. The fees should be waived if each bags is 70lbs/32kgs or under.
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It Varies 2009/5/25 22:11
Northwest has a 50-lb limit, and the cost for exceeding it is very steep. And they seem to be enforcing the limit more than they used to (I've had them let slightly overweight bags through before, but on my last domestic flight, I was 3 pounds over and they wouldn't accept my bag without the excess baggage fee. I had to hastily shift some items to my carry-on.)

Furthermore, Northwest recently started charging $50 for a second checked bag on international flights, if you have discounted coach tickets. This really limits your options for bringing back a lot of stuff.

Different airlines have different limits, but they are definitely moving away from the 70-lb limit and towards charging for checked bags.
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check 2009/5/26 09:53
you really need to check before you fly because every airline has different limits. But most airlines but not have the 70lbs. limit anymore unless you are flying 1st class. But very easy to look up buggage policty online. (on Untited you can have 2 check bags 50lbs. limit for free on international flights on economy class)
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