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Gift from Poland 2009/5/25 01:03
I got a really good friend and we became pen pals. We haven't seen each other in person yet but I'm going for a trip to Japan this summer with friends and we for sure are going to meet, going out somewhere and so. I'd like to hear your advice what can I buy to her as a gift etc. I'd like it to be some original and something you cannot find in Japan. Any ideas what it could be from Polish stuff? I thought about it for some time now but nothing comes into my mind. She's interested in music and plays the piano but buying her another CD set of Chopin wouldn't be very original. :( It's not some serious relationship it's just a very good friendship so I don't want to buy something love related if you know what I mean. :)
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souvenirs 2009/5/27 07:20
hand soap, post cards, jam, snacks, seetws were the things i liked from foreign countries as souvenirs. especially hand soap coz there are not so many kinds of hand soap in jp :)
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music 2010/4/17 03:51
Hi, if she loves music, how about getting her Marcin Wasilewski Trio album called January? I'm Japanese and saw Marcin's concert in Australia this year. He was/is sooooo amazing! He's jazz pianist who studied classic piano very seriously as well. Such an amazing pianist from Poland.

Also, how about some nice textiles? Does Poland have some sort of traditional cloth craft? Girls like that sort of things. I don't know how old your Japanese female friend is, but some photographic books of Poland is nice too. (if not too heavy to take to Japan) Or how about "Bolesawiec" ? Get her nice cute ceramic ornament or something. That will be wonderful I think. Wish you happy trip!
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sweets 2010/4/19 02:54
czesc, buy her sweets filled with alcohol like Baryleczki, or Ptasie Mleczko. here in japane they are very expensive ( you won't find Ptasie Mleczko thou ) and i always give them as a souvenirs to my japanese friends and they love it !
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. 2010/4/19 11:59
(looks at posting dates)

So after one year what did you end up giving?

My friend from Poland sent us candy and calendars.
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