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Where can I exchange or deposit coins? 2009/5/27 21:59
Does anybody know where I can deposit a large number of coins? Seems that many of the foreigner friendly banks have refused to accept coin deposits. (Shinsei, Citibank,...)

My bank (Shinsei) used to accept them, however last time I went there they tried to tell me they wouldnt accept them unless I counted out the coins first. I fought with the manager and they finally relented; however said they wouldnt count them in the future.

As I had over 300,000 worth of coins I cant see wasting my time to count out all my coins when the bank already has a machine in the back that does this automatically.
by John (guest)  

coin deposits 2009/5/28 08:58
Does your bank's atms accept coin deposits? My bank allows deposits up to 100 coins at a time at the atm, and the postal atms accept coin deposits as well. I've deposited over 300,000 yen in coins this way. It takes a few transactions to do it all, but its pretty easy and you can just dump handfuls in at a time and it will sort and count them for you.
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In my case 2009/5/28 08:58
I don't know if this would be practical for you but what I did (I bank with UFJ) was just split my coins into bags of 100 coins or so and deposit them into the ATM. Obviously, not all ATMs will have this function but if you've only got a thousand or so coins, I guess it wouldn't be too much trouble (or at least less trouble than dealing with a bank person!)
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atm is the best 2009/5/28 09:41
As the second person says, i think it would be better if you just use ATM. I used to work for one of the national banks as a teller before, but we always asked customers to know how much money they actually try to deposit in advance in order to avoid accidents like customers say "i gave you more than that" or something like that. Unfortunately, not all ATM accept coins though...
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