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Gift for Friend's Family 2009/5/28 02:11
I will be staying with a friend and her family on my upcoming trip to Japan for a couple of nights. Following both Japanese custom, and the custom of my own family, I plan on bringing a gift. I want it to be something from Kentucky (My home state).

I originally thought of Bourbon Balls, but in all honesty they are sure to melt in the July heat. My mother suggested just a bottle of Bourbon, but there is no way I'll be able to get it on the plane as I'm using a carry on.

Besides Chocolate and Liqour what types of gifts would be appropriate?

Also, I know she has a brother around the age of 18 who will also be there from College. Should I bring something seperate for him?

Thank you!
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in your suitcase 2009/5/28 10:16
you can put the bottle of Bourbon in your suitcase. (I normally bring 2 or 3 bottles with me as gifts for friends)Just be sure to wrap it up good. Or best to get a stryofoam sleeve to really protect it. Most larger stores like "Bev Mo" have these. Just be sure to get the weight or you suitcase before you head to the airport.
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Carry On Luggage 2009/5/28 11:18
I'm not checking a bag at all. I'm using a carry on only so this wouldn't work. Thank you for the suggestion though.
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. 2009/5/28 11:53
I know it is too late, but I wonder if you can get something related to The Kentucky Derby. How about key chain, hat or book mark? If you could find something that says Kentucky (or the name of your town) on it. that would be great.
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... 2009/5/28 13:41
How about a travel guide book of your state that has a lot of pictures in it? so that you can tell your friend what kind of place you are from.
Once my American friend gave me the stuff from the Bath&Body Works(you can buy anywhere in the States tho), and i thouht that was so cool and sweet personally.
I bet whatever you give them, they will appreciate.
have a great time in Japan!
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