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Love Hotel Age Restriction 2009/5/28 05:31
I'm taking a trip to japan in the following weeks and hope to go with my girlfriend to a Love Hotel.

I'm here to ask a question regarding our potential visit.
What's the age Restrictions?
I'm 17 she's 18.
Any info would be much appreciated!

by sambow (guest)  

Age 2009/5/28 12:03
Many do not even have a reception so I'm not too sure on enforcing no underage people.
Just swipe your card and enjoy.

I've never stayed in one, just had a look at a few of their sites for information.
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Age restriction 2009/5/28 15:50

Technically you have to be over 18, but as you don't normally actually see anyone's face, you are hardly going to get into trouble for being 17.
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