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Yaoi in Nagoya? 2009/5/30 09:12
My husband and I are taking a trip to Nagoya in August. (My first trip!) I'm hoping to purchase yaoi manga and/or doujinshi. I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a nice store where I can do my shopping for myself and my fangirl friends! :-) If you could tell me a little about the service at the store too, that would be a fantastic bonus!

Thank you so much for your time!
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Mandarake and Animate 2009/5/30 22:45
I haven't been to Nagoya since 2006, which was my first trip to Japan, but these are the stores that I'd recommend.

Try Mandarake for used manga and doujinshi. They have a website in English, which has a map of the store location. I can't give directions, since it looks like it has moved since I've been there. The BL doujinshi selection was very good, the service wasn't the friendliest, but I don't really have any major complaints either. You should definitely visit Mandarake.

I haven't been to one in Nagoya, but if you see a Book Off somewhere, they should have a good selection of used manga.

For new manga, most bookstores will have them.

Animate will have new manga too, but you should visit them for the character goods (not that much out there for yaoi series, but it's still a fun place to go). A staff member was very friendly when I asked for a manga I couldn't find.

The Nagoya Animate is near the JR station. Take the Taiko Dori exit from the station, cross the square in front of you and turn to your left. It's not far at all. There's a map on the Animate website, but it's in Japanese.

I hope this helps. I'm sure there are other stores, but these are the only ones I've visited in Nagoya. Have a great trip!
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Thank you! 2009/6/2 06:17
Thank you so much for all your advice - I will definitely check out all of these places. (And my husband was especially excited to hear about the character goods at Animate!)
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Credit... 2009/6/15 16:19
I tried checking out the Animate website but my Japanese is very, very limited and I didn't see an English section (maybe I wasn't looking in the right place!) I'm wondering... Does Animate take foreign Visa? I know some stores that take credit have scanners that can't read the magnetic strip on cards from overseas. I'm bringing cash as well so I don't miss out on any cool souveniers! But I'm trying to get a rough estimate of the places I'd be able to use my card at...

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