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Sending Postcards From Japan 2009/5/31 09:35
United States

I'm taking my first trip to Nagoya, Japan in August and I am full of questions. One thing on my mind is sending postcards to my friends and family back in the US. I have a friend here in the States who is something of a world traveler and she's always been kind enough to send me many postcards on her trips - now I would like to be able to return the favor but I am uncertain about the process!

I'm wondering about all the basics - how much does a postcard from Japan to the US cost? How do I purchase stamps and get my cards sent? Are there self-service stamp areas in the Japanese post offices like in some American post offices? If not, what phrases in Japanese do I need to know to be most successful in the checkout line? Any other proceedures or advice you can give?

Thank you truly for your time!
by Pristine  

answers 2009/5/31 18:02 much does a postcard from Japan to the US cost


2.How do I purchase stamps and get my cards sent?
You can buy stamps at the counter or vending machine of Post Office.

You can also pay the fee and pass your postcard to the officer.

more info
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... 2009/5/31 18:29
It's 70 yen to send a postcard via airmail from Japan to US. You can purchase the stamps from post office counter or vending machines at post offices.

- At the counter, if you just present the postcard and say "air mail to USA," then they will tell you it will be 70-yen, you pay, and they post it for you. In most places they will know what you want :)

- If you buy a stamp from a vending machine, just stick it on to the postcard, write "air mail" somewhere with blue or red ink, and post it into the red post box you find on street corners.
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Convenience stores 2009/5/31 19:02
You can also buy stamps from most konbini.

The staff might not know how much it costs to send a postcard abroad, but perhaps write 70 yen on the card where the stamp would go, and show it to the clerk?
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