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Gift for a penpal (first RL meeting) 2009/6/2 06:58
In August I will meet my penpal face-to-face for the first time! We have exchanged letters, pictures and phonecalls for the last nine years, but this is my first RL meeting with her.

From what I've read, it seems the polite thing to do is to bring a gift for the meeting (which will be at Chubu Itn'l). Normally I send her snacks in my packages, but am I right in thinking I can not bring food in through customs? I've also read many guides that say the best gifts are practical ones that your friend or acquaintance can use (vs. something that will look pretty but just take up space in the house.) My first question is, does anyone have advice about what gift to give? Have you been in a similiar situation? What did you choose? How was your gift received?

My second question is this: I THINK it will only be my friend that greets us at the airport - but what if her husband comes along as well? Should I have a gift prepared for him as well (just in case)? Or is it better to choose a gift that could be given to them together, on the off chance that he's there? (Even though I've not had direct contact with him - I've heard stories about him for as long as I've known her and don't want to leave him out!)

Thank you for your time!
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It is all good.. 2009/6/2 18:08

This one is a simple one. Bring both your pen pal and her husband a gift.

If he is there, then he will be happily surprised to receive it and if he is not, he will probably feel doubly surprised that you thought of him. You never need a reason to give a gift.

Prepared bottled/canned goods are okay, but treats like candies and cakes are better. Make your gift age appropriate and keep it simple.

I have given books, hand made writing journals, candies and cookies, portable water-color sets, and local crafts items, t-shirts, etc. Your profile says that you are from Missouri. Find something local.

Have a good meet.
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