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Movie or TV show filmed in Honmoku? 2009/6/2 10:30
Has there been a movie or dorama filmed in Honmoku?

I used to live in what was once housing for the U.S. military and finding current video clips of that area has been hard. I'd like to see what it's turned into and want to see a different view other than what Google Earth has to offer.

Specifically, I'd like to see Honmoku Sanchou Park but anything else near there would be appreciated too.

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... 2009/6/2 23:39
I can't name any drama/movie but how about putting "{qR" into Google images? You can see many snapshots of the park.
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Thanks for the reply 2009/6/3 06:54
I forgot to mention that I do have photos from doing that very thing. :)

I was hoping for something a little more revealing.. something that pans around a bit and shows a bit more depth.
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Hi there, 2009/6/3 10:05
This is not really the answer to your question, but have you also looked into the following "Yokohama Navy Exchange was where?" thread?

It's a long thread worth of 76 pages, but if you post specific questions there, I'm sure a regular member can pinpoint some pages you might be able to relate to.

Unfortunately the whole miliatry residence in Honmoku is now gone, and most of it is now a large mall area called Mycal Honmoku. Areas preserved from those days may be parks like Sankeien.

I'm sure there are movies filmed at Honmoku, but since most of the area has changed, I'm not sure if any of them would bring you back memories. I'm a Japanese who used to live in the U.S. and I know of one movie that was filmed in front of the school I used to go to, but I enjoy Google Street View and the birds-eye map much better.

Hope you can come visit the area some day!
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