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Cheap SE Asian food in Nagoya 2009/6/3 09:15
Hi there

Looking for recommendations of cheap cafes or restaurants that do good Asian food - Thai, Vietnamese, Malay, Indonesian and also Korean (non Yalu niku). Don't want anything swanky - it's all about value and taste. Extra points awarded for places that actually do good and spicy food ;)


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Budget 2009/9/19 22:26
1. May I know what's your budget?

2. Check out the Information Counter at Nagoya JR. They have monthly English newsletters and magazines that introduce interesting restaurants and current issues too, with maps in English. I know because I've lived in Nagoya for 2 yrs. =)

3. There isn't much SEA food here, esp Malay food. How about Indian cuisine? North Indian food is more popular here. Try the Indian restaurant at Takashimaya Shopping Centre at Nagoya JR eki. I think it's on 13th or 14th floor. Its curry is the closest to SEA food.

Japanese don't eat much spicy food so most of the menus will be catered to their taste buds.

I hope this helps. By the way, are you from SEA?
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Hmm 2009/9/23 13:53

Thanks for the reply!

Budget is probably 1000yen for a meal. I'm not SEA'n, just been there alot and love the food. Also, much as I love Japanese food, sometimes it gets boring! I'm from London and there are so many cheap and authentic foreign cafes etc there - annoying that there's not the multiculturalism here in Nagoya. Indian is ok - I'll check out a few places and encourage them to make mine spicy. Otherwise it's the normal bowl of spicy ramen!

One thing I have discovered is that Muji's Thai red and green curry kits are really good. Very authentic tasting. Will have to try some of their other Asian stuff - nasi goreng etc.


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