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Knees in shrines? 2009/6/5 13:24
I'm traveling to Japan and recently heard that you can't show your knees in shrines or temples. This could be a serious problem, as I am bringing mostly bermuda shorts (that end just above my knees)
Any feedback on the issue would be greatly appreciated, and please answer quick if you can as I'm leaving in a few days
by Japan Visitor (guest)  

Knees? 2009/6/5 14:40
Japan Visitor,

You have been misinformed. There are no special rules about clothing at Japanese temples and shrines, so shorts and short skirts are just fine.
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wrong info 2009/6/5 16:11
What you heard does apply in other Asian countries such as Thailand and Myanmar, but Dave in Saitama is right- you can wear what you like to a shrine or temple in Japan. Your shorts will not be an issue at all.
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