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Free wifi in Japan ? 2009/6/6 02:08
Would like to know if the Freespots really does give you free wifi--as per link below
by mthk (guest)  

I don't see 2009/6/6 09:37
I don't see anywhere in the website where it says the access is free. Only says that it's wireless LAN and that you have to ask the shop owner for the SSID and password.

I seriously doubt they'll help you out if you're not a paying customer. Better off going with a short-term prepaid service like the ones they've got a some train stations and most McDonalds (at least in the Kanto region)...
by Psycho Mike (guest) rate this post as useful

some yes, others no 2009/6/6 09:43
Hotels, cafes, restaurants and bars let you access the internet only if you are a customers of them.

Stations or public halls tend to let you use the access for free, as my neighbor train station actually does.
by Ts (guest) rate this post as useful

Thanks guys 2009/6/6 18:28
So freespot isn't free and presume you have to pay as a member which for tourist is too much hassle, right ?
Ts when you said ''..Stations or public halls tend to LET you use the access for free,'', does that mean you have to ask them and then they will give you a pin or what ? I am a visiting tourist, do you think they wont LET me use their wireless LAN ?
by mthk (guest) rate this post as useful

no need to ask 2009/6/6 21:52
You can use some Wifi spots without asking for a permission. Just go to the spots and use the free Internet. I don't think you can searh for the spots with the website below, but it may be useful if you have a Japanese friend.
by Saki (guest) rate this post as useful

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