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3G mobiles in Japan 2009/6/6 03:01
I was wondering if my phone SE k660i will work in Japan. I heard that that you can buy prepaid card for iPhone which is 3G phone. My phone uses HSDPA too and I'd like to know if it will be fine to buy a sim card just like for iPhone. Is there any possibilities to buy just a sim card alone or I need to buy/rent mobile as well? Does anyone had some experience with that?
by LKay  

Re: 3G in japan 2009/6/6 16:45
From what I've heard all 3G phones should work in Japan. If you wanted to buy a sim card in Japan, you would need to get an Alien Registration Card. If you don't want to do that, the only alternative would be renting a phone or buying an international sim.
by Andy (guest) rate this post as useful

3G mobiles in Japan 2009/6/6 19:20
I have a Japanese friends who will guarantee for me or buy for me a sim card alone, so it's not a problem and I won't need Alien Registration Card or permanent stay. The only thing I need to know if I could put that bought Japanese sim into my phone and start calling, sending texts etc.
by LKay rate this post as useful

iphone 2009/6/19 18:31
Ive got an 3G iphone. Will I be able to use it in Tokyo ? with a japanese network's simcard? What about the internet/mail/GPS services, will they be supported ?

by pp (guest) rate this post as useful

2100mhtz 2009/6/19 18:53
3G will work ONLY IF it has 2100mhtz band: NOT all 3G phones work in Japan
by fmj rate this post as useful

simcard for 3g 2009/6/19 23:32
My phone uses 2100mhz hsdpa. Does anyone know where can I buy a simcard for it in Tokyo. Which brand should I chose?
by LKay rate this post as useful

softbank 2009/6/19 23:37
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

3G's in JPN 2009/8/24 15:41
It is true that 3G phones will work.... but only certain models. If you have any inquiries about it, consult you retailer. I was wondering the same thing myself to be honest.... I have a Samsung Behold from T-Mobile, and it's a quad-band GSM phone, which have gotten me worried 'cause of what it said, that Japan has no GSM network. My cell does have 3G capabilities.... but I'm still not sure about it....
by Animaster7 rate this post as useful

some G3 work in Japan 2010/2/13 09:03
I have a Samsung Behold from T-Mobile,it's a quad-band GSM phone, BUT it did not work in Japan! My husband has a Google phone from T-Mobile and IT WORKED in Japan!
by Elena (guest) rate this post as useful

w-cdma 2010/2/24 17:00
Please ensure, through wiki or wherever, that your phone has this band:

Band I (UMTS/W-CDMA 2100MHz)

Softbank's network operates in this band; docomo also primarily operates in this band (except for some 1700 and 800).

You will be able to call and text; please be are that most people do not text but send email instead.
by nattofriends (guest) rate this post as useful

Samsung bold 2010/2/24 17:26
I have a Samsung Behold from T-Mobile,it's a quad-band GSM phone, BUT it did not work in Japan!

Note that the Samsung Behold only operates on the 1700MHz frequency which, as nattofriends points out, is not supported in Japan.
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

motorola milestone 2010/3/16 00:10
Hi ive recently bought a Motorola Milestone - would this work in japan?

these are the specs for it:

im not sure if its CDMA or GSM....although it does have a 2100mhz band
by jack (guest) rate this post as useful

Blackberry Bold 9700 2010/3/16 02:16
I have a Blackberry Bold 9700 under T-Mobile and I was told it would work with DoCoMo while roaming, but wouldn't that incur a lot of charges?

I was hoping to use my Bold there for mainly data, since I mostly use the internet and e-mail. While in Tokyo, I was hoping to use Google Maps or GPS.

I'm going to be in Tokyo for a month, so I was wondering if I would be better off renting a phone?
by Naomi (guest) rate this post as useful

b-Mobile? 2010/3/16 06:07
I'd like 3g data as well for my Nokia N900 smartphone. Useful for maps & translations.

I've checked out the softbank option but the data rates are outrageous.

The only reasonable option I've seen so far is this

What I want to know is if this USB modem contains a SIM that is user removable & can be used directly with a phone instead.

Can this be resold since it's rather expensive at $400 & I don't need 150 hours for a 9 day trip.

They apparently have another modem with only 150 minutes called the "b-mobile Doccica" Is this basically the same thing with less time?
by youth (guest) rate this post as useful

3g phones 2010/3/16 09:13

Your phone should be able to roam in Japan, assuming your carrier has partner agreements with either Softbank or Docomo. You should check on your carriers website to ensure compatibility and find out the service charges.


Data roaming is about the most expensive thing you can do with a celllphone. And depending on your plan, T-mobile charges around $15 per MB. If you will be in Japan a month then I would consider picking up a prepaid phone or rental phone to handle calling and email, however mobile internet will always be expensive, so you may want to limit your internet use to the free broadband provided at most hotels.


I've don't have experience with that company, however with these types of devices its highly likely that its sim (if it even utilizes one) will not work in your phone. It would be an expensive experiment to undertake, and I expect it would be cheaper to just data roam and use the internet/gps sparingly to supplement your planning. Let us know how it goes if you decide to try it out though.

FYI concerning earlier posts to this thread, it is not necessary to have an alien registration card to purchase a prepaid phone or SIM card. Travellers can purchase them with a passport and hotel address from Softbank stores around Tokyo and at Narita Airport. Other Softbank stores may also sell them to travellers but it varies by outlet.
by yllwsmrf rate this post as useful

SIM 2010/3/16 12:47
It may not be that easy to buy a 3G SIM on its own.
I have a spare 3G phone that I bought at Akihabara. (to replace an older PDC spare phone which will not work in a couple of weeks)
I didn't just want a swap replacement 3G phone that you can get from SoftBank. So I took the phone in to the Shibuya SoftBank, and they said they couldn't sell me a Prepaid SIM on its own!!!! They suggested I take it to te Roppongi SoftBank, and they sold me the 3G Prepaid SIM.
So it seems that not every SoftBank shop will sell you a 3G Prepaid SIM !!!!!!!!
by Sandy (guest) rate this post as useful

yllwsmrf 2010/3/16 13:35
thanks for the help
by jack (guest) rate this post as useful

htc dream? 2010/3/28 13:30
hi, i have a google phone/htc dream, the specs are here:

im wondering if it will work in japan? i dont really get all the network stuff so i need some help.

by Serene (guest) rate this post as useful

htc dream 2010/3/28 19:52
the htc dream will work in japan as it's 2100mhz.
by pete (guest) rate this post as useful

BB Bold 9700 2010/4/1 11:26
I also have Bold 9700, unlocked from T-Mobile. Would I be able to get a sim card from, say, DoCoMo or SoftBank to use in Japan? If so, would you recommend it?
by Natalie (guest) rate this post as useful

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