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Loud Park 2009 tickets 2009/6/7 18:11
We are planning to travel to Japan from Australia to go to Loud Park in October. How do we buy tickets from Australia and when do they go on sale?
by RachP  

loudpark tickets 2009/6/22 22:33
hi the tickets go onsale august 2nd in japan only.
im also going. i think its going to be very hard to get them unless you know someone over there who can buy them for you. thats what i have learnt from someone who translated the page for me.

please check my facebook loudpark group out just type loud park in the search window and it will be first in line.!

from milz

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loud park 2009/6/23 21:50
RachP, Where are you in Oz?
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Loupark Tickets 2009/7/22 15:53
Are you sure you can only get the tickets in Japan? I am in Canada and I am wondering how to go about getting tickets.
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Getting Tickets 2009/7/24 12:48
We are also travelling to the festival from Aus, and our travel agent is (apparently)organising the tickets for us thru their contacts. Suggest you try the same.

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loud park tickets 2009/8/3 12:33
Hi, I'm Japanese.

I suppose you can buy 1 day tickets of both days at Makuhari Messe on 18 October even if you will go there without tickets.

I was able to buy 1 day tickets at the venue every year.
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1 day tickets 2009/8/3 15:13
Sorry I made mistake! You can buy 1 day ticket for 19 October on 19 October.
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I can help you 2009/8/7 00:31

there is a section where one can buy tickets on the event's official site. Have a blast!
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one more thing 2009/8/7 00:34
might need to use google translator!
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Going too 2009/8/20 17:10
I'll be in Japan in late September/October (coming from France) and I just HAVE to go to Loud Park. I am also trying to get tickets through my travel agent, but nothing's for sure. Last year the festival was sold out on one of the dates... Let's hope it won't be this year...
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