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Fine Art Supply Stores in Kyoto 2009/6/9 01:25
Kyoto City

I was wondering if there were art supply stores in Kyoto. I've gone to the major shopping districts and could not find one for the life of me. I know i can order stuff online but I like physically going to the store to check the supplies out first hand. If I could even find something like an Ito-ya in Tokyo where only like a small fraction of the store was dedicated to art that'd be perfect too. I'm just looking for like nice sketchbooks and different graphite/holders. . .

thanks for any help?
by ponyooo (guest)  

Hello! 2009/6/21 21:25
Go to The Loft store in Teramachi. On Kawaramachi it will be the entrance where the tutuanna is on the corner. The art supplies will be on the floor with the stationery. Go in the left hand back corner when you go up the escalators. Beautiful selection! Hope this helps.
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