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whats up at the peak of mt. fuji 2009/6/9 03:07
so whats is really up at the peak of mt. fuji?

by sagitai  

Fuji 2009/6/9 12:54
a crater, as in all volcanoes..check Wikipedia for more details about volcanoes.
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There is 2009/6/9 13:04
vending machines.
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fujisan 2009/6/9 13:23
Around the 8 peaks along the rim of the crater are a shrine, Japan's highest post office, bathrooms, shops, and a weather observatory.
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Not that mysterious... 2009/6/9 14:21
What had you heard might be up there?
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Whats there 2009/6/10 04:58
On the summit you can find the transition between heaven and earth and if your lucky.. at dawn.. you can find the answers to truth and beauty.
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Jshoppers knows 2009/6/12 19:47
Jshoppers does a trip there every year:


They say there are two shrines, a small sort of hotel, a crater that you can walk across, and some other things.
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The crater 2009/6/12 22:13
You can walk around the crater, not across it- it's more than 100 metres deep with very steep sides and every so often someone dies due to falling into it so it is roped off.
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