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Can I find small pants and shoes? 2009/6/10 00:37
I am only 4'10 and I am hoping to find pants that are shorter than US size 1 short. Will I be able to find pants with an inseam shorter than 30''? And also, does anyone know if they have shoes smaller than a woman's size 4?
I'm really hoping on stocking up on shoes and pants that actually fit me when I go to Japan this November!
by Savannah (guest)  

Absolutely 2009/6/11 15:16
Japanese do tend to be shorter on average than their Western neighbors ^^; It's a stereotype with a basis in truth. Especially older Japanese women, tend to be on the short size. Western clothing brands still run very long, but Japanese-made clothing is both shorter/smaller and on-average, cheaper. All of my pants in the US (especially jeans) run very long and need to be hemmed, but in Japan they are -perfect- right off the rack (I'm 5`3). Most department stores have whole floors devoted to petite and miss fashions.

One of my Japanese coworkers is 4`8 and has no problem finding clothing.

I also ocaisionally buy clothes for myself in the sections for older children or younger teens... because it's cute and hey, it fits! :) No shame
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. 2009/6/11 21:54
Small yes. Big no.
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Where to shop?? 2009/11/18 09:41
I'm the same as Savannah - Aussie who is 4'10 and a size 4-5 in shoes, I plan on doing a fair bit of shopping while I'm in Tokyo (which will only be for 5 days) - I gather I won't have a problem buying shoes etc at department stores??
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sizes 2009/11/18 15:20
Actually, I tend to disagree with the above. A 4 is a 21 in Japan, and I have seen a lot of shoe stores where the sizes start from 22.

Unless you shop in the children and young teens sections you will almost certainly have to have the length of trousers adjusted as well, as most Japanese people do- they are cut on the long side so that they can be adjusted, here as elsewhere.

You may find sleeves are too long as well.
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