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Japanese interview 2009/6/10 00:53
Hello, tomorrow (June 10th) I'll be giving an interview in the morning to NYK Line ( They want me to be the general manager's secretary (i'm guessing G).
I'm thinking it'll be a good idea to make business cards with my name on it in English and Japanese.... Any other tips? Maybe things to add on a resume/cover letter? How do the Japanese write resumes anyway?
Also my keigo is a bit shabby... Any good phrases to use?
Thanks ahead of time!
by UreshiiMiko  

Japanese resume 2009/6/10 12:58
Do you know the special form of resume only for the Japanese? It might be help you. If you can access the Japanese book store near your place, you can get it and fill it out!
Good luck!
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. 2009/6/10 21:34
The business cards will get you the job. It did me. Good luck.
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They? 2009/6/10 22:18
You want to be or they want you to be? If it's the later then what are you worrying about =) Just be yourself, you already have it by the sounds of it.
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clear up 2009/6/12 15:48
ok i had the interview! *phew* I forgot to tell you that i'm in the US and it's a branch of the company here.

How i found the job was actually another company called Top-US. They suggested me to NYK as their secretary and organized an interview.

I did the best I could.. but I forgot that in Japanese business, there's many men that are older (60s) and I can't understand ojisan japanese for the life of me! The younger one looked like he was in his 30s and I understood him just fine... but the older one has a higher position (of course) so he did most of the talking. Though... he mostly explained about the company and rarely asked me any questions. I dunno how i did.. I don't have a good feeling about it.

Now I'm looking for a book that can help me with Japanese business (including interviews!!). Anyone know a good one? Something interesting to read?
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. 2009/6/12 22:01
"In the know in Japan" (close, if not the correct title), was good. It helped me.
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try this one 2009/6/13 01:11
This is a book that looks interesting:
I hope its helpful! Good luck!
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thanks 2009/6/13 03:47
thanks for the suggestions but I was thinking about a book more language based? You see, I'll probably be working for a company that's Japanese but is in America... But I'll still need my Japanese language.
I've been to Japan already for a long time, so I'm not a beginner to their culture.
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. 2009/6/13 05:38
Explain yourself better then.
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um 2009/6/13 08:28
ok.... bad me? I'm sorry?
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