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Clothes and Acessorie stores? 2009/6/10 11:19
Tokyo 23-ku
Any good stores in Tokyo? Prices and websites?
by Bukiyo000  

???? More info needed 2009/6/10 15:15
That is a bit too much of a general question, I'm afraid. There are of course thousands and thousands of clothing and accessories stores in Tokyo- could you be a bit more specific? Areas? Styles? Age group? Budget?
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general much? 2009/6/11 15:18
that's sort of like asking for the names and pricelists of grocery stores in Los Angeles...
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Whoops 2009/6/12 01:35
Okay. Im not sure how to explain it but, just. Prices for like shirts [tank tops, t shirts, ect] (Average prices). Jean shorts/pants, capris. Underwear, bras, socks.

To make it easy, just give me a japan website for clothes or something. Im going to High school there in 2011 or 12, and I need to save up for clothes when I get there.
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... 2009/6/12 02:32
Im not sure about areas. Styles-jeans, tank tops, [hot topic styles], skater styles, stuff like that.

14-18 age group

No budget.
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