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tokyo flea market, where? 2009/6/11 06:30
Tokyo 23-ku
Do anyone know where is the location of flea market in tokyo and what day it held? (Like singapore flea market in CSC) Also do they sell anime figure & artbook there too?

I'm going to be in japan next week, and it's my first.
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. 2009/6/11 11:20
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you may be dissapointed 2009/6/11 15:22
Flea markets are great, but they attract a very different crowd than the sort of thing I think you might be looking for. Hobby goods, books, games, etc. can be sold back to brick-and-mortar stores easily and at fairly high prices. Those items are very rarely available for resale at flea markets.

Flea markets tend to deal in clothing, handicrafts, pottery, ceramics, antiques, vintage items, old housewares, used children's toys, etc.

Hobby goods will be easy to find preowned for low prices in any of the dozens of shops in any of the major otaku neighborhoods (Akihabara, Ikebukuro, Nakano)
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thanks 2009/6/14 04:54
Thanks alot guys, that's really helpful.
I surely go to akihabara, that's one place i've planned to go for a long long time.

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english word 2009/6/14 05:13
Do they have english name on the station? i can read both hiragana n katakana, and some simple kanji.
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. 2009/6/14 05:20
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. 2009/6/14 05:21
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There's many places actually 2009/6/25 12:37

But it's in japanese. But use google translator and you'll get the idea where and when.
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