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can i enter again in japan? 2009/6/11 15:31
can i enter again in japan? last yr 2008 i am overstay in japan and i arest..then i have a penalty 5yrs..but can i enter again in japan after 2yrs or 3yrs???
by che (guest)  

5 years 2009/6/11 16:58
If you have a 5-year ban, it almost certainly means you are banned from Japan for 5 years, not 2 or 3.
by Sira (guest) rate this post as useful

5 years means 5 years 2009/6/11 21:53
If you go back before your ban is lifted, you face the possibility of being banned for even longer. Being at the time they took fingerprints and pictures, the chances of you getting back in before time are slim to none. Don't try it. If you truly want to go back, wait until the ban is lifted.
by Elayne 26 rate this post as useful

Overstay 2009/6/11 22:21
What is with people overstaying at the moment??
Just don't overstay people!! :(
The government is very forgiving if its a accidental one or two day overstay but getting arrested for it is just plain stupid
by Stace (guest) rate this post as useful

immigration laws 2009/6/12 03:39
Well, they're here not for vacation, studying, holiday, etc. but rather to work illegally so if it were up to them, they'd take the chance and come back right away despite a ban.
by Ralph (guest) rate this post as useful

can i enter again in japan? 2009/6/12 10:43
I think, its better for you to wait until 5years ban penalt is finished , then u can be able to return back. Why..? Because i know some of people who were overstaying here before , and re-enter again before the finger print issues start. They married to japanese people and now they have permanent. They wait inside japan for 5years ban to finish, then they went out and come in again without any problem.
So my advice is to wait until 5years ban finish.
by willytz rate this post as useful

illegal 2009/6/12 12:34
Seeing how efficient the government has been this year alone at deporting illegals should make anyone think twice before risking getting their ban extended.
by Kevin (guest) rate this post as useful

overstaying 2009/6/12 15:50
I think compare with some Asian countries, Japan is a paradise in job opportunities and salary. To apply employment visa through the proper channel takes time. In fact, some applicants may not be properly trained for the job they apply which make things difficult.

So the shortest cut is to enter as visitor with an intention of taking up employment illegally. Some work as domestic helpers and some work in the bars. Until they are caught and deported, they have no intention to leave Japan.

Furthermore, deportees never stop thinking of going back to their paradise. Some by way of marrying to a Japanese and some use a passport with another name to gain entry. However, neither of them would guarantee permanent stay because the adverse record with fingerprints is always there.

To allow you entry after the 5 years ban period is not compulsory but discretional. It depends whether you can satisfy the immigration officer at that time that you are a genuine visitor and would not overstay again.
by TW (guest) rate this post as useful

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