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Lebel Cosmetics-how to find it? 2009/6/11 18:31
I was assured by my hairdresser that Lebel Cosmetics is a Japanese brand. Is it really so? Does anybody know?
If oyu have some ideas of where to get it in Japan or (even better) how to buy it in on-line shops, please answer.
Thank you!
by Elena27  

translate 2009/6/13 20:50
Guess you need to ask someone to translate this page for you, so you can email and find out..I Googled it, and gather I have your problem..not a very informative English page
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Are edhtrade.com shoes real 2009/6/14 03:36
i want to know if the shoes are real before i order some.i would like a person who has ordered from their website to answer.
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