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Dai-ei/Ito-yokado/Jusco next Shinagawa 2009/6/11 22:03
Tokyo 23-ku
Hi !
Would someone be kind enough to give some location for above supermarket around/next to Shinagawa station (except for Jusco Shinagawa SeaSide which I know already) ?! Arigat・
by LucyBall  

Ito Yokado 2009/6/12 08:27
There's a big Ito Yokado in Oimachi, which is 1 station away from Shinagawa. So go to the JR Station in Shinagawa and take the Keihin Tohoku Line. The ride just takes a couple of minutes. Ito Yokado is right in front of Oimachi Station.
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supermarket around shinagawa 2009/6/14 06:36
Thank you very much to Natsuki for your help
Arigato !
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