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Customs law - alcohol 2009/6/14 00:45
I have a question about coming to Japan. As far as I know customs law in Japan allows to carry alcohol, cigarettes or other goods. It's said you can bring with yourself 3 bottles of alcohol of 760cc each, 400pcs of cigarettes etc. My question is if I can bring 1 bottle of alcohol but it's capacity is 1 litre (1000cc)? From logical point of view it could be possible because 3 bottles have capacity of almost 2.3 litre and 1 litre is under that limit. What I am afraid of Japan is very strict when it comes to law regulations and I don't want to have any problems if I would like to bring alcohol which is over 760cc per bottle. It's for a gift to friend. Does anyone faced similar circumstances?
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no problem 2009/6/14 08:26
1 litre bottles no problem: we have each brought in gifts of 2 x 1 litre bottles from Australian Duty Free on 2 occasions ie 2 litres each, both times; not a problem. The quoted amount is the total volume allowed: you could bring 4 x 500mls if you like....
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