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Horseback riding near Tokyo? 2009/6/15 00:20
I'm going to Japan in September and I really love horseback riding (I'm also a serious rider, not a beginner). Does anyone know about any stables near Tokyo? They don't have to be right next to the city, in fact I'd prefer them a bit on the countryside, but still not too far.

Any help would be appreciated!
by Ella (guest)  

meh... 2009/6/21 02:58
I'm also a serious rider and i've lived in Japan for 3 years, but I haven't been riding here once. I've found out about some stables but i've not found any I was interested in enough to go to. The biggest problem is most of them are over an hour out of the city, and the train fare (roundtrip) was more than the cost to ride and I had a hard time justifying that. The riding costs are also a bit more than I paid in the states and alot of stables want you to join and pay a membership fee. it's not worth it for me to join when I can't go there to ride on a regular basis because of the distance. Also many of the places didn't look that great or when I did searches I couldnt find many reviews, especially from experienced riders. And what I did find wasn't that great, Horses not in great condition, instructors not that good etc. Most stables are more people oriented than horse oriented, they care more about being cute than riding skills or horse welfare.

I've found these websites discussing riding in Japan:


Here are links to farms i've found, I haven't actually been to any of them though.


(their site is down but they looked decent when it was up)






If you find any more places or go to any farms please post about it :)

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- 2009/7/5 23:54
Thank you, Kris!

I'll take a better look at the sites and post if I ever decide to visit any of them :)
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Stable in Tokyo 2009/7/22 10:17
This may be of interest to you, it may not. I recently visited a friend at Gakushuin University, and they have a small stable on campus. I'm not sure if you could ride there if you're not a student, but they are located in Tokyo on the Yamanote line (Mejiro sta.) I was just so surprised to see a stable in Tokyo!
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