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Shaving in a homestay? 2009/6/15 05:49
I am going to Japan in the summer, and I will be staying with a Japanese family. I'm a woman and I usually shave in the bath, then clean it out. However, I don't think I could do that in a Japanese-style bath. Would it be rude to shave in the shower area and then clean up?
by Zoe (guest)  

shower yes, bath no. 2009/6/15 08:24
You don't shave in the bath, as it is just for soaking in. However, of course you can shave in the shower area and then rinse it off-Japanese women are not exactly hairless, and I even see women shaving their legs etc. in the shower area of public baths here.

Will you have that much cleaning up to do? For me if I shave my legs a quick rinse of the area with the shower head is plenty to clean up.
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easy fix 2009/6/17 15:29
The supermarket sells stick-on hair-traps that can be placed over the shower drain. After showering, they're very easy to peel off and throw away.

A package of these would probably do the trick in keeping the shower area clean and harmony with your host family.

Never wash or shave in the tub. It is shared between the whole family and should be used only for soaking.
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