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Sunscreen 2009/6/16 00:27
Hi, i am leaving for japan on Sunday and realized that i cannot take sunscreen in the cabin with me, and to check my bag it is $20 (i have a short domestic flight(us) before my international flight. So i am super pale with freckles and cannot tan. I burn in about 5 minutes of direct sun exposure, so i use spf 60 which allows me to be in the sun for up to 5 hours. The japanese us a pa+,++, and +++ system for rating their sunscreen. And from what i can tell, the pa+++ does not equal an spf60. Can anyone help me understand if their sunscreen will work or do i have to check my bag? So they sell american sunscreen there, and if so how much is it and where can i buy it? I am going to do alot of walking in japan and need protection as i have pretty much no melanin.
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... 2009/6/16 08:03
In Japan we use both the SPF and PA number/rating.

SPF represents how much protection there is against ultraviolet "B," and PA is for ultraviolet "A" (whatever those are lol). For PA, the more "+" you have, the higher the protection. I think it goes from +, ++, then the highest is +++.

There are Japanese products up to SPF 50 with PA +++, so that should be plenty - note that in Japan you might sweat a lot in the humidity that the sunscreen might need to be reapplied during the day anyway. So I would not worry about the difference between 50 and 60.
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SPF 2009/6/16 08:50
AK is right- you will see the SPF on all suncreen products here. Be aware that it is quite expensive and usually comes in small bottles. Japanese people tend to cover up (big hats, gloves that go up to the armpit, scarves, parasols etc (the women at least), rather than rely only on sunscreen.
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An alternative 2009/6/17 09:50
It is not unusual to see Japanese women (especially young ones) with parasols/umbrellas to block the sun. It would attract no attention at all to do the same, just bring an attractive dark-colored cloth umbrella or buy one when you arrive.
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