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Japanese Fiancee and working in SC 2009/6/17 08:46
My fiancee who is Japanese wants to come and live in South Carolina where I live currently.

He is living in Japan right now, and has decided to come here for a few years to work before going back to Japan in the future.

What are some good jobs in South Carolina Japanese foreigners can do?

What about other nearby states? such as North Carolina??

Does anybody know what he can do or where to look??

by Sarah Fukui  

visa 2009/6/17 11:56
Have you looked into his visa/greencard situation yet? You will need to work that out first before you can even consider looking for jobs.
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visa 2009/6/17 11:59
This site seems to have info on the forms and steps to take.


Also, what are your fiance's skill, and educational background? Does he currently have a job?
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. 2009/6/17 22:17
The visa will take a year and cost about $2000 total (with medical exam and embassy interview). If he speaks English, a job wouldn't be a big problem. But a big city(Washington DC, New York, LA, etc.) would be his best chance. SC might be only menial jobs.
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