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what is best place to buy seashells 2009/6/18 08:45
I am going to Japan on business but would like to find out where best place to buy seashells is on main island, thank you
by alison j (guest)  

seashells 2009/6/18 10:32
what part of Japan will you be visiting and what exactly are you looking for?
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to yllwsmrf -yellow smurf? 2009/6/18 21:24
thanks for reply,based in nagoya on bus.but have wk'end & train pass -was told maybe kamakura or kujukuri -as best places too far from nagoya ??
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seaside 2009/6/19 06:38
Seashells? The best place to buy them is at the seaside, of course. Any beach resort would do. If you're going to Kamakura anyway, there's a variety of them at Enoshima. But speaking from a former shell collector's point of view, I've never found seashells that are "sold" appealing. They're just polish-coated souveniors.
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from Nagoya to Kamakura 2009/6/19 10:23
... takes more than two hours.
Considering Uco's comments, I doubt it is worthwhile to travel to Kamakura just for buying sea shells.
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txs.for replying 2009/6/19 21:42
no souvenirs -collector-want to find proper shell shop - Japan has some rare shells, not enuf time to get to west coast best place to find on beach. txs.
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collector's items 2009/6/19 22:53
Maybe this is the kind of shop you're looking for.

Toba Aquarium that runs the shop is located quite close to Nagoya.

But I'm not sure if they sell the same things off-line.
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Re: 2009/6/20 00:43
There are lots of Shell shops in Enoshima.

Kaihiro bussan-ten"LLYX" in Enoshima has a Shell Museum and they sell shells.
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thanks 2009/6/20 00:45
thanks so much for your help,I'll start plotting them on a map for my weekend touring - really appreciate the responses, Alison
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