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Traditional Japanese Music 2009/6/19 12:43
Hello everyone ..

I Was Looking For a Website Where I Can Find & Download Traditional Japanese Music In Mp3 Or Any Other Formula ..

I Love It And I Listen To It All The Time ..
It Really Helps Me Studying And Relaxing ..
Even Through I Play It In My Car ..
So I Want You Guys Help Me To Find a Good Websites .. (PLEASE)

I Want Them To Contain This :

Biwagaku, Nogaku, Sokyoku, Shakuhachi, Shamisenongaku, Minyo And Koto ..

Ohhh My GOD .. I LOVE Them A LOT ..

Please Help ..

With Love & MUCH Respect ..
by SilentNinja  

Not sure... 2009/6/27 12:14
The only site I know of is Amazon. They do sell some traditional Japanese cds but not sure if it is what you are looking for. The only thing is you would have to buy the cds not download. You could also try itunes. Sorry if it is not much help.
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links 2009/6/28 00:42
Try rapidfind.org, there was a thread about traditional music.
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